• Screen Protector For Apple iPhone 8 - Genuine 100% Tempered Glass

   Buy 1 Get 1 Free Limited OfferNEW 100% GENUINE TEMPERED GLASS FILM SCREEN PROTECTOR FOR APPLE iPhone 8 Package Includes:Tempered Glass Screen Protector  For apple iPhone 8Wet WipesDry WipesDescription about Tempered Glass for iPhoneProtects the screen of your Apple iPhoneWhen inside a pocket or bag, your Apple iPhone could easily pick up scratches on its most important feature - the screen. However, the Anti-Shock Tempered Glass screen protector will help to protect your screen from picking up these scratches. With its 8H glass hardness rating it will even protect against scratches from keys and coins; a common pocket combination.0.26 mm thickness adds minimal bulk to your phoneDespite being the ultimate in screen protection for your iPhone, the Muvit Tempered Glass Screen Protector is only 0.26 mm thick. This means it only adds an almost imperceptible amount of extra thickness to your phone, so you can be sure it is safe from harm while looking as good as new.Rounded edgeThe rounded edge editions have been specially cut to give a smooth-to-touch edge. Not only will look and feel great, but it lessens the chance of the sides cracking if dropped for excellent protection. No loss of multi-touch display responseA number of screen protectors can harm the responsiveness of your screen. However, the Muvit iPhone Anti-Shock Tempered Glass Screen Protector will not affect your screen's responsiveness in any way, allowing you to have the same ease of use as before you put the screen protector on.Easy to apply and removeSome screen protectors can be fiddly to apply, but not with this protector. You will be able to apply your Muvit Anti-Shock Tempered Glass Screen Protector without any dirt becoming trapped or without any air bubbles surfacing. Not a 3DThis tempered glass will cover flat screen surface only 

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Screen Protector For Apple iPhone 8 - Genuine 100% Tempered Glass

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